Duss Duax EDN23

Spring this year, I pinched a golden oldie: a DUSS DUAX DN23 Vertical Drill Press with a pivot mounted spindle. Quite heavy: beyond 50 kg – but for the jobs it’s conceived this means sturdiness and rigidity. The price for shipping was about the price I got it for…

You’re right, you’re right: it looked used and not really clean. Perhaps with a little scotch-brite and WD40? Well, first things first: tearing it down.

Some details are great: the flat spiral springs used to push the coals, or how the cable wrap and the field windings are done and the cord used below the commutator.

A close fight with the mud/dust first and then with the painting finally showed pleasing facts: the «chassis» in good, the gearings and the electrics  in very good condition. The drill operation of the predecessor pushing it almost through the base (!) fixed with some putty, leveling out some surfaces, lubricating…

The remaining worksteps as usual: filling, sanding, priming, sanding, … and finally painting with 2K-PUR (a durable acrylic-polyurethane coating).

The result looks great. With the right tools, it’s a pleasure to drill with it.


Some parameters for the curious:

Box column drill DUSS DUAX DN 23

220 Volts, 460 and 230 Watts
Axial Spindle I, MK1, 475 rpm, drills Steel to 13 mm
Axial Spindle II, Bendable drive shaft, 2000 rpm, grinding wheel
Transverse Spindle, MK2, 200 rpm, drills Steel to 23 mm

incl. Pivot mounting DUSS DUAX EDN 23

The spindle is pivoted on the rear mount and can be set very precisely to the correct angle.