1978 Duss Duax DN23

Technical Details

Voltage 220 VAC or 24/48 VDC (yep, really 🙂 )
Speeds Main arbor 200 RPM, MT2, drilling Steel up to ø 23 mm
Cross arbor 475 RPM, MT1, drilling Steel up to ø 13 mm
Motor Bidirectional, 460/230 W
Motor mounting Pivot mounting (EDN 23), clamped on the rear of the motor
Add-on Auxiliary gear with bendable drive shaft, 2000 RPM with a grinding wheel of max. ø 65 mm
Colour Old: not to distinguish, New: a warm yellow
Weight beyond 50 kg net


This machine was in really in a bad condition when I received it. Probably used for years in a barn or something – accordingly in this shape:

Seizing this opportunity, the machine was completely disassembled, cleaned, sanded, primed and painted. You can find some more details on the blog-post. It was an effort, but it was worth the trouble: seeing some good made and ingenious piece of machine is really a joy in these days…

About that machine

As most of my machines, this one also got a fundamental colour – Yellow!

This machine is as loud as heavy! Some would say this is the Abom-version of a tabletop-vertical-drillpress. It has a lot of torque, which makes it dangerous to handle by hand (still searching for the right clamping solution) – however, it drills steel like butter.

Direction knob

The direction change is something I don’t really use that often. It sits on the top (or on the left if pivoted) and is not really in operating distance if you run the machine by hand. Besides: if changed, keep calm on the sparks flying around from the motor 😉

Height setting

The height you can reach is another awesome feature of this machine. Even the biggest workpiece has enough room to drill a fairly large hole with a quite long drill.

Pivot clamp

The motor has separate «outputs», a geared arbor angled to the main arbor. This is held by a 90° pivot mount which can be rotated clock- or counter-clockwise. The correct angle is set with two setscrews, the whole pivot-block clamped with a sophisticated cylinder-ish clamp.

The motor has three outgoing arbors: an MT1, an MT2 and one separate for the flexible drive shaft. Although I have the bendable drive shaft extension, I must admin that I didn’t used it yet. It weights a ton and is not really that flexible – at least in comparision to those air-tools you know in our «modern times». 😆 


Spring this year, I pinched a golden oldie: a DUSS DUAX DN23 Vertical Drill Press with a pivot mounted spindle.