1990 Manfredi Ovmat 9

Technical Data

Working Temperature ca. 900° C
Max. Temparature 1100° C
Current Supply 220 Volts Single – phase
Max Consumption 2900 Watts
Inside Width 16 cm
Inside Height 15 cm
Inside depth 30 cm
Capacity 10 cylinders for skeletons
Weight 46 kg

About the machine

This muffle furnace was once sold as a pre–heating furnace to dental laboratories – hence the company name on the serial number (meanwhile the company got out and the manufacturer was taken over).

A stainless steel envelope protects the outside of the furnace from corrosion or reactions from flue gases and steam. In the inside, four heating plates assure a constant  temparature on almost all sides. The heating plates are  separated (or muffled) by fireclay plates what provides not only high thermal efficiency, but also a protection of the contained item by shielding it to direct thermal radiation.

The access is granted by a heavy and tough, horizontal parallelogram type door. The fettling fitted with a high quality lagging assures a steady thermal uniformity inside the furnace chamber.

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