2012 Quantum B14

Technical Details

Voltage 220 VAC
Speeds 520, 900, 1370, 1880, 2620 RPM
Motor 350 W, Steel max. ø 14 mm
Spindle holding fixture fixed / B 16
Working range 104 mm
Distance spindle / table 330 mm max.
Sleeve travel 50 mm
Upright diameter 46 mm
Table size (L x W) 160 x 160 mm, 14 mm T-Slots
Drilling table swivel +/- 45°
Colour Old: kinda gray, New: two matching blues
Weight very light: 21 kg


Quantum seems to be the budget-line of Optimum, a quite known name in Europe (probably not that much in the US). Before I changed to the Quantum B14, I got an even crappier bench drill – I think you can read between the lines how I think about china drills…

Pimp my bench drill

The drill was not in good condition. The ball bearings were «crispy», everything was just a little «out of range». I took everything apart and tried to square everything up.

The wirings were

the wirings, the ball bearings, the