2016 Bernardo EBS115


Gear and pulley box
Upper and lower wheels
Fine adjustment on the blade guides
Offset blade guiding wheels
Tiltable Table


Max. capacity circular 90° 100 mm
Max. capacity rectangular 90° 100 x 150 mm
Max. capacity circular 45° 76 mm
Max. capacity rectangular 45° 76 x 115 mm
Blade dimensions 1638 x 13 x 0,65 mm
Blade speeds 20 / 29 / 50 m/min
Motor 230 V
Approx. weight 62 kg

This bandsaw seems to be a very common 4×6″ model. Probably most of those match the same constrution plans, from the Grizzly G0622 to Harbour Freights one.

Last time the bandsaw-blade was torn off the machine, I decided to take a closer look to some of the parts.



Switchbox and reducing noise



Bandsaw – tiltable table
This one is from Mikes workshop site. I think he did a really great job, so I won’t comment it
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Bandsaw – offset blade guiding wheels
Don’t remember where I have found this one, but I liked the idea: The blade needs to be «bent» in
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Bandsaw – fine adjustment on the blade guides
The idea of easing up the setup of the blade alignment is really delightful. I saw this or similar mods
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Bandsaw – upper and lower wheels
First step: checking out, if the wheel fits the lathe 😛  This bandsaw did a great job for about two
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Bandsaw – gear and pulley box
Inside the gearbox, everything looked nice: no worn gears, just a tiny amount of play. I did open this already
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