2016 Tormach PCNC440

Technical Details

Spindle 0.56 kW (¾ hp), R8 with V-Belt Transmission
Speeds 10’000 RPM
Table Size 457 x 160 mm (18.0 × 6¼ in)
X-Axis 254 mm (10 in) at 3.4 m/min (135 ipm)
Y-Axis 160 mm (6¼ in) at 3.4 m/min (135 ipm)
Z-Axis 254 mm (10 in) at 2.8 m/min (110 ipm)
  • Power Drawbar (with mod)
  • Fogbuster (MMS)
  • Full enclosure
Weight about 270 kg net


The history behind this machine is quite recent (well 2016 in fact is). But perhaps, the idea behind this machine can be of use for some people: the first CNC-machine I owned was a 3040 gantry-type machine. It worked with Mach3 and it was really fun to work and play with.

The limits of such a machine are obvious: it has quite a small footprint and the rigidity is more something for non-ferrous materials.


I was looking for a rigid, not too small and not oversized CNC-machine


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