2020 Batko 3000 XL

Technical Details

Voltage 220 V
Speeds Variable by VFD
Motor 1.1 kW
  • with 1.6 m belt: 0.8 m (for 20, 30 and 40 mm rolls)
  • with 2.0 m belt: 1.0 m
Belts different kinds – mainly in the size of 1650 mm x 50 mm
Specials Roll-set: 20, 30, 40 and 200 mm x 50 mm
Weight 47 kg net

This type of belt grinders are mainly used by knife-makers – but considered the wide field of application it’s really not limited to this kind of users!

It has a wide range of shapes (a flat- and some cylindrical guides) and can be tilted on the side by 90°. A huge variety of belts are available from Batko – mainly in lenghts of 1650×50 mm:

  • alu-oxide for wood and metals (K40 to K400)
  • alu-oxide «cool» (K80 to K320) for harder metals
  • alu-oxide «flex» (K80 to K240) for harder steels
  • alu-oxide «trizact» (K400 to K2000)
  • zirconium «strong» (K60 to K120)
  • ceramic «aggressive» (K34 to K60)
  • ceramic «cubitron» (K36 to K80) for higher surface finish
  • ceramic «cool» (K80 to K400)
  • Fleece «scotchbrite» (medium and fine)
  • cork belts (K400 to K800)

The motor is driven by a small frequency drive (VFD). Controlled by the VFD itself or by external controls (see later post) it can be run slow and also really fast. In combination with the different belts, you really can do fine and coarse work all within a single machine.


The machine came in with a shipment-damage: the main axe of the lower arm was bend (probably by dropping off the parcel). No big deal – the provider’s response was fast and accurate. Great!

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