The big TTS-Collet holder

Today a big TTS collet holder was created. I wanted them to be safe and out of the way as long as I don’t need them, but in reach as soon as I’m working on the Tormach PCNC440.

I had some scrap expandable drawer hinges from a low-price mobile workshop (which wasn’t sturdy and staggered with only one opened drawer) and wanted to use them for this project.

Because the dimensions needed to turn out correct, I started in Fusion 360. There was enough room to integrate some R8 collet holders. Those are not used often, so I placed them in the back of the plate.

The export with g-code for the PCNC was simple. Four different setups were made: the machine has quite a small X/Y-travel which can’t cover 420 x 340 mm. Here you see the first setup – drilling operation (I always pre-drill those holes, even for soft woods).

The only thing to remember was the direction of the coordinate system. But with Fusion, you always have the possibility to use the setup-sheet – a great feature!

Machining was simple: using a 1/2 inch 4-flute carbide endmill and chamfering went fast. The only thing I don’t like  about working with wood is the dust. Sure – the faster you go, the finer the chips / dust…

The result is great an really handy. Enough room for all the TTS- and R8-collets now and in the near future (60 TTS and 24 R8 places).