Gressel backward-opening workbench vice

I like old, heavy and heavily used tools! This one I found by chance:

It’s a Gressel «PS 100», 11.7 kg, backward opened by about max. 110 mm, with anvil and serrated or smooth jaws. I think this specific item is quite old. But it’s still manufactured today identically.  Even better – look a this:

True, true: they even have the 3D-model online! Oh yes. Congrats Gressel – this is really fascinating. Something that old, still produced, lifted to the 21st century – really, really great to see!

Well mine became red! In the words of rsacnc: That’s a nice red vice!

The installed jaws were replaced – even though they didn’t want to come off! On the other hand, building the new ones was an easy task – with the 3D model by hand. I made a pair of clunky, but smooth set of jaws out of scrap steel. In case that other ones would be needed I can either make some, or simply mount the additional plate (with magnets or similar).